Watermark PDF Online

If you have a pdf file and you want to copyright protect the document then one possible way is to put a visible watermark text on the pdf. There are several tools to watermark pdf files, however, we present below a famous online web application to watermark pdf files which do not need the installation of any software.

Go to the online application by clicking link below

Click here to launch web application

Step 1: Upload PDF file

Click the upload button and select the pdf file on your computer.

upload pdf

Step 2: Watermark options

In this step you can set various parameters and fine tune the look of your watermark. The main parameters are watermark text. Additionally you can also set the font style, font color, position and many more options.

 watermark options

Step 3: Watermark pdf

You can click the watermark button and the pdf will be watermarked with the input text and all the options selected in the previous step.

watermark pdf button

Step 4: Download watermarked pdf

A popup will be shown with the link to download the watermarked pdf. Right click on the link and choose save as to download the pdf to your computer.

download watermarked pdf

When sharing pdf files online, it is recommended to watermark the pdf so that you can display the ownership of the file.

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