Watermark Images Online

When images are put online, it is essential that you protect the rights to YOUR images and hence put visible text watermark on them. Watermark is a faint text that is overlayed on the image and hence makes it apparent that YOU own the rights to the image. Our powerful watermark images application comes to the rescue to watermark your photos online. No additional softwares needed; all you need to do is upload the photo, select the required options and click watermark images button. Follow the below steps in order to put a visible watermark on your images. 

Watermark Images Online

Step 1: Upload your images

Our application supports batch watermark and allows to select 15 images and watermark all of them in one go. Click on the upload button and select the images on your computer.

select images to watermark


 Step 2: Watermark Options

Set the watermark options that you desire like font size, font type etc. Our application gives immense flexibility to tune both the watermark look and position. Special effects like shadow to the watermark can also be set.

Select Watermark Options

Step 3: Watermark Images, Preview and Download

Click on the watermark button which will put the watermark on all the images with the settings that were set in step 2. All the thumbnails will be updated which can be clicked to preview the images. Clicking on the download button will save all the watermarked images to your computer.

Watermark and save images

Our software is not only robust and flexible but does NOT require you to install any additional software. All you need is a good browser (we recommend Google chrome) and an internet connection.

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  1. This is REALLY a neat offering. THANKS! Is there a method wherby one could set up a directory/name structure to save images? The default name(s) are not easily found.

    Thanks again!

  2. Dishan


    First of all thanks a lot for this online image water marking which is so simple yet does the job.Only issue is about text rotation.How I should make a horizontal text vertical.When I input 180 degrees in the ” rotation of text: field the text completely disappear. So could you please help me.Thanks for any help in this regard.

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