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Tga image format also refereed to as targa was developed by Truevision as a native format for the initial graphic cards. TARGA is the acronym for “Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter”. It is also quite common image format used by scanners. If you want to convert targa image file to Jpg image format, our application comes to the rescue.

Convert Tga to Jpg Online

 If you have a Tga image file and wanted to convert it to a more common Jpg format, click the link below and follow the instructions:

Click here to visit Tga to Jpg Converter

Step 1: Upload Targa file

Click on the upload button and select the targa file (.tga or .tpic file extension) on your computer.

upload targa file

Step 2: Output Jpg Settings

In this step you can select the settings of the output Jpg file. Our application supports Jpg, Gif, Png and Bmp output file formats. Select the desired output file format and the image quality. Choosing a higher quality image results in a larger output file size.

output settings

Step 3: Convert to Jpg

Click the “Convert to Image” button and wait for the conversion to complete. Our tga to jpg converter will accurately reproduce the contents of the targa file into a more popular Jpg file format.

convert to image

Step 4: Download Output JPG file

Once the conversion is complete, a popup is shown with the location to download the jpg file. Right click on the link and choose save as to download the image to your computer.

download watermarked pdf

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  1. Also, the image that I am using is a PNG. Would that affect the code ( I have aladrey tried replacing jpg eith png )?I am using a child theme of twenty eleven by the way

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