Edit Pdf file for FREE using Google Docs

If you have a pdf file and wanted to make minor changes to it, the only way possible is to use pdf writer. This way is not always plausible as the software is expensive. There is a free alternative to editing pdf files using Google docs which is illustrated below. The only requirement to using Google docs is to have a Gmail account (if you do not have one, it is about time to create one).

Step 1: Go to Google Docs

Navigate to If you are logged into your Gmail account, it logs you automatically into Google docs; else, just sign in.

Step 2: Upload your pdf file

From the menu, click on New > File Upload. This will bring up a dialog to select the pdf file on your computer. Browse to the location where the pdf is located and click OK.

upload pdf

Step 3: Open with Google Docs

After the upload is complete the file can be found in the My Drive Folder. Right click on the pdf file that was uploaded and select open with > Google Docs

open with google docs

Step 4: Edit the Pdf

This is the tricky part that most people miss. As shown in the screenshot below, Google Docs will present both the picture version (pdf pages as pictures which you CANNOT edit) and the editable text version both below one another. Scroll down to the editable text. Edit the pdf to your liking and delete the pictures part of the document.

edit pdf

Step 5: Download your edited PDF file

Once you have edited the file. Choose File > Download As > Pdf

Note that there are several formats that you can download the file. You can also download it as a Microsoft Word document and then edit the file.

 download pdf


Resources: If you need a free pdf to Microsoft doc conversion then this application comes to your rescue. PDF to Word.

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  1. Hello Pessi,

    Before reading this post I was not aware of editing PDF file using Google Drive, but your this post teach me how to edit PDF file online.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Please prefer these types of posts in future.

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